Anavar 50 50mg/60Tabs


ANAVAR 50 (OXANDROLONE, VAR);50mg/60tabs



Anavar 50 UK by Sis Labs for sale

60 tablets x 50mg each

Most of the Anavar steroids offers 100 x 10mg tablets , this one is 60 x 50mg so basically it is 300 x 10mg tablets. They are easy to break so you can customise dosage of Anavar 50 from as little as 25mg to 75mg if required or multiply 50mg tablets as much as yo need. Recommended dosage for men is 50-100mg a day.

I don’t have to introduce Anavar 50 UK I guess. This is maybe the most mild oral anabolic steroid but at the same time most popular. It can be used by women as it brings almost none androgenic side-effects. So women don’t need to be worry about nasty male-style side effects like extra hair, lower voice etc. Anavar 50 by Sis Labolatories will give lean and hard muscle mass without water retention. So if you are looking to heave sexy beach body for next summer, you may consider purchase Anavar 50 in UK by Sis Labs.

What is Anavar 50 UK by Sis Labs ?
Anavar 50 always was very popular due to his perfectly tolerated nature by men and women. It is very side-effect friendly drug. Not as strong as others but if you rethink , how little influence it have on health, it’s worth considering. Maybe some people are bit sceptical with Anavar 50 steroid which you can buy in United Kingdom or anywhere else, because is very mild, but in the end , if taken long enough , it is great oral steroid.

Anavar 50 by Sis labs for muscle gowth
Just because Anavar 50 (Oxandrolone) is made as mild (not to strong) oral steroid and basically doesn’t aromatise, all muscle mass made on A-var will stay as lean mass. No water or fat. Just plain, hard muscles. But if you think you will bulk and make 20kg of muscles (or water and muscles mix), you should change your mind. You will keep most of you mass made on Anavar 50 product, but if you think to get loads of mass, have look on Dianabol (Methandienone), Anadrol (Oxymetholone) , Nandrolone or purely on Testosterone Hormone. Those will give much more mass and strength , including water retention , but at the same time you will lose most of it after going off it.


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Oxandrolone; Var


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