Thermo Lipid





Ingredients contains:

Clen 60mg /ml
T3 50mg /ml
Yohimbine hcl
7 keto hcl
The most renowned and safest fat burner to date! Unlike other dangerous fat burners/pesticides; Thermo lipid ingredients have synergy to work alongside each other with up regulation of cells in fat.

The Clen/t3 stack work well together, many cycle this product for 2 weeks on and off and others opt to run for 25 days consecutive at 2ml with great results across the reviews.

The Yohimbine hcl targets stubborn fat deposits especially in the lower back/love handles and hips!

Best time to consume will be on an empty stomach; 1ml to begin with then working up towards 2ml if tolerant. Dilute into a 200ml glass of water or non fizzy/sugar drink.


R.O.H.M Labs

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